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Long Lasting Roofs From Experienced Roofers

We are the best roofing company in Central Scotland, with over 20 years’ experience serving happy customers in Dollar and the surrounding areas across Scotland.

When it comes to roof repairs, there is no cutting corners, and we pride ourselves on doing a perfect job the first time, every time.

Whether you need a few tiles repaired on your home, or a complete new roof installation, Sterling Roofing Services can help.

How we Approach Roof Repair in Dollar

We approach all of our roof work in Dollar with the same care and attention that our customers have come to expect.

We know that problems with your roof need to be looked at in a timely and professional manner, which if you need basic roof repair or a complete roof replacement, our experienced team of roofers have you in safe hands.

Whatever the Weather, We’ve Got You Covered

The Scottish weather can be, at the best of times challenging, which is why Scottish households need a roof that will outperform the elements.

Roofs in Dollar need to be resistant to high winds, driving rain, sleet and snow that batters households no matter what season it is, which is why we offer emergency roof repair.

Regular roof repair and maintenance is essential in Scotland and will help prevent that will turn into costly damage to the roof and property.

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Dollar Roof Repair and Maintenance

Most houses in Scotland are well build and able to stand up to years of harsh weather, however all houses need regular maintenance in order to keep performing.

Your roof is no different, and will undoubtedly need some attention over the years.

We always recommend that you catch small issues with your roof, such as missing tiles or blocked gutters, before it develops into a bigger problem.

Contact us to find out about our roof maintenance services in Dollar and make sure your home is protected from the elements.

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