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When Did You Last Inspect Your Roof!?

Roofs can be prone to damage caused by weather. Keep leaks at bay and catch issues early with our guide to health-checking your roof.

Our roofs in Scotland and Northern England face the worst of the elements: spring showers, winter blizzards and searing summer temperatures all take their toll. A simple health-check performed every once in a while can keep your home leak-free and protected from changeable weather.

 Caution: Your buildings insurance could be affected if you do not act quickly enough to fix a problem with your roof or guttering. It may be just one slate or tile or a simple repair but in order to protect your roof and keep it watertight it is essential to fix problems before any further damage is caused. Insurers will expect you to do everything possible as quickly as possible to minimize damage and to ensure your roof is repaired or maintained or it could affect any claim you make. 

Due to supply chain issues & COVID we have also seen a shortage of materials and significant price increases across the board. 

1 - Carry Out An Inside Inspection

Start in your attic and look for the following:

– Sagging

– Water rings

– Dark patches (this could be rot)

– Sunlight shining through

These are all signs of damage. Although DIY roof repairs are possible in some cases, it’s best to speak to your local roofing expert if you notice anything irregular. 

2 - Check For Loose And Damaged Roof Tiles

It’s very common for roof tiles to become broken, loose, displaced, or cracked. The best way to give your tiles a thorough inspection and identify any damage is to climb onto the roof – however you should only do this if you have the proper safety equipment! Ladder, Harness, 

3 - Look For Moss Growth

Moss might look harmless, but it can cause moisture damage to the roof tiles and wood underneath. During summer it can spread fast, so it’s best to catch it before it gets out of control. The easiest way to remove moss is after a dry spell: just brush it off with a stiff broom. If your roof is covered in moss, it might have caused further damage, so it could be worth speaking to a roofing expert for advice.

Benefit from our roofing expertise

Is your roof cracked or suffering from a leak? Don’t worry, as Sterling Roofing Services is here for you. We provide top-quality roofing repairs to help increase the lifespan of your roof considerably. From tiled roof repairs to storm damage work and roof maintenance, you can come to us.

Our Roofing Repair Services Include:

Keep your Roof in Prime Condition With Regular Roof Maintenance

Roofs form the crucial component that keeps your house safe from the elements, so it is prudent to make sure that it is still in suitable condition and perform maintenance regularly.

Cracked tiles, moss build up and blocked gutters are all relatively easy problems to fix that can prevent the onset of even bigger issues.

Even a small leak that only happens during big storms is a tell tale sign that your roof could require some attention.

Time is a critical factor when it comes to roof repairs, so make sure if you have any doubts about your roofs integrity you have it inspected as soon as possibe for damage and durability.

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